Alan Lau – A truly eye-opening to the World of Engineering 


Being the Best Trainee 2010, I was given a chance to have an overseas training placement in Steensen Varming, which located in the CBD of Sydney, Australia in summer of 2011


Steensen Varming is an E&M consultancy company in Australia. During my 5-week training, the engineer in the Steensen Varming introduced the design practise in Australia and gave me a chance to understand the design consideration/ technique for the special type of buildings, such as the design of university laboratory and art gallery. In addition, the staff introduced the environmental practice. For example, the adoption of greenstar commonly enviromental/ sustainable features used in Australia. Lastly, the staff also organised different plantroom visit, including the visit to the Sydney opera house, War Memoral and Parliament House of Australia for me to gain more experience in plantroom planning and facility management technique.


Thanks to this oversea training, I can explore the western world, understand their culture and of course visit different famous attractions in Australia. Most importantly, I can have sharing with people of Steensen Varming and join variety of recreational activities, such as the bowling night, Friday lunch gathering, Celidh dancing that made my trip a life-long memorable one. I really enjoy working in JRP and developing my career in such a professional E & M engineering consultant.


Alan Lau 


September 2011


By Zoe Wu – A deeper understanding of JRP philosophy working in JRP Singapore


Thanks to the directors, I had a chance to complete a 6-week training attachment in J Roger Preston (Singapore) in 2009.


In Singapore, the awareness of energy saving and energy efficiency has been on the rise in the past ten years. The adoption of different building service systems with energy saving features has been well developed. All building construction projects have to achieve a green mark certified from the local Building & Construction Authority. There is no doubt that Singapore is playing an important role to achieve a ‘Green’ world. I am privileged and excited to be part of the E&M system design team of a residential project during the training.


Looking back at my six-week training in Singapore, the greatest gain is to learn the design practices, codes and environment issues of a different country. The other challenge will be the cultural diversity and learn to deal with different kinds of engineers in various expertise and cultures. I often need to be flexible and proactive in dealing with any problems that come up, as well as collaborating ideas from different parties to come up with suitable design options and solutions.


Adapting to a new culture, learning new engineering approach, exposing to new M & E design and environmental codes are highly rewarding in my JRP career and my future professional path. I DO enjoy and treasure this invaluable experience at JRP Singapore.


By Zoe Wu


August 2010