Corporate Social Responsibilitles


At J. Roger Preston, our motto is “Real Leadership takes courage and effort”.


We deeply embrace the belief of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in supporting the communities at large as part of our duties as well as in our line of consultancy business. JRP staff are keen supporters to various charitable activities for many years by participating fundraising events such as elderly home visits, Rainbow fundraising Walk, Joy Charity Walk, singing and book reading to orphanage institutions, making cakes and photo frame jointly with mentally-handicapped groups at Mother's Day and so on.


We hand our hearts out to those needy groups and were awarded the “10 years Plus Caring Company Logo” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of our commitment in corporate social responsibility and community works.


JRP continues to encourage our colleagues to form various volunteering teams, melting their interests with initiatives that will breed more happiness and equality to those less fortunate members of the society. The social fabrics of Hong Kong is highly complex which also carries many diverse disparities. But what could we do more to create a better, fairer and just landscape for everyone to rejoice over a short life is always our goal.


We pledge to build on this motto, spirit, goal and momentum and continue to cultivate this willing spirit within our company and engage more staff to contribute their best effort and skill sets as a professional Engineering company in the region.


While we see we can “give a little back to the society”, we have never forgotten that it is the “very same society” that provides us the opportunity, wealth and richness of life we are enjoying everyday.