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MTRC Lantau & Airport Railway Tung Chung Station, Hong Kong
Mass Transit Railway Corporation

The Lantau and Airport Railway (LAR) is one of the biggest core projects associated with the construction of the new Chek Lap Kok Airport.  The total length of the LAR is 36 km and consists of 2 railway lines, the Airport Express Line (AEL) and the other is the Lantau Island Line (LAL).  Tung Chung Station is one of the stations which only serves the LAL.


The Tung Chung Station is located general below ground and is adjacent to the planned new town development of Tung Chung itself and which it is designed to serve.  The station consists of track, platform, main plant, concourse, intermediate deck of roof levels, together with a 3 level substation area separate from the main station building.